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Case study

Virtual 3D tours creation AR-based mobile application design and development




Aug 2019 — Apr 2020




Real Estate


Node.js, MongoDB, Firebase, Amazon Web Services, Swift, ARKit


Consulting, Research & Development, Mobile Development

About project

The Veert app allows you to create virtual tours with your phone. You can build the tours with spherical photos that you already have or create stunning 720 spheres with the power of your phone. Then, share tours with your friends, colleagues, and clients.


The app flow is pretty unusual for the regular user — that’s why we created a couple of onboarding animated screens that explain all the functionality.

Create virtual tour

While creating the virtual tour the app analyzes the device resolution and creates several photos for sticking together to 720 panorama.

Published tours

The user can publish their tours inside the app, to share them with friends, customers and subscribers in social media accounts.


Together with a team of mathematicians, we updated the algorithms for building 3D rooms and rolled out a new stable version of the application for iOS.